A ski themed mobile bar for a ski lodge themed event!

6th October 2017    

ski lodge themed mobile bar

We can’t believe it either but it is almost time to start ushering in the winter clothing, cranking the heating up or buying in the logs for the wood burner. Naturally as the weather turns so do our heads with regards to event planning, gone are machinations of grand outdoor mobile bars with awnings, lawn games and sun drenched deck chairs. It is time to start preparing for warm, cosy and intimate events centred around hot toddies and three course dinners and what better way than with a ski themed mobile bar or ski lodge themed event.

Here at Ace Bar Events we take a theme very seriously and understand that if we get everything right alongside how the venue has been set up, you can really create a feeling of being wherever the theme is pretending to be, whether that is on set of a James Bond film or cosying up around a log burner in a chalet high in the Swiss Alps. We have covered some great themes over our time in the business including this Ski Lodge theme, a festival theme, a rock and roll theme and a prohibition theme!

We take the themes beyond just the mobile bar, which of course acts as a focal point at most events. We also ensure to have our flair bartenders, mixologists and bar backs donned head to toe in theme appropriate clothing. We are sure they love this too!

This particular event was focused around an apres ski theme, including our ski themed mobile bar. Apres ski is defined as the short intense party between finishing your skiing and going back to your place of residence for dinner. It generally involves large amounts of both alcohol and entertainment and for it to be truly considered apres ski, many believe you must have your ski boots on too. Although thankfully the guests didn’t take the theme to this extreme! Typically taking place between 3.30pm and 7.00pm apres ski (or after ski if literally translated) is a very important part of skiing culture around the world.

ski themed mobile bar

The client was presented with a number of winter themed options and in the end they opted for our real wooden fronted mobile bar, part of our Classics Range here at Ace Bar Events – to make their apres ski mobile bar. Our professional flair bartender was serving our selection of winter cocktails all evening for around 200 guests and still managed to pull off his impressive array of flair bartending tricks – even with the hat and ski goggles!

apres ski mobile bar

We have a number of other options to choose from when it comes to mobile bars to meet your theme of choice. Even for this ski lodge themed event we also have our log effect mobile bar and snowflake backdrop from our HD Range, which would have worked very well. Our HD Range of mobile bars are all back lit adding an extra element to your event focal point.

ski themed mobile bar

Alongside our ski themed mobile bar we also provided two flair bartenders to prepare drinks and entertain guests throughout the evening as well as all glassware, stock and a selection of winter themed cocktails; such as our all time favourite the Snowball Martini.

ski themed mobile bar

If you are interested in our apres ski mobile bar, ski themed mobile bar, or a ski lodge themed event of your own – then please do not hesitate to get in contact.