We have created an extensive menu for you to choose from ranging from classic to contemporary cocktails.

Bespoke drinks can be designed for your event to match any desired theme, branding, colour scheme.

A range of personalised, branded and interactive garnishes can also be offered.

Rosa Rhu Sling

Our signature gin fizz which is tall and elegant, inspired by a British favourite- rhubarb! Bursting with luscious fruit and aromatic wine. British rhubarb gin, rosé apéritif wine, lychee and raspberry fermented soda.

The Conquistador

Spice up your life! A simply unique and stunning margarita-style drink to tingle and awaken all your senses. Home-made premium silver tequila infused with coriander, combined with crushed pineapple, jalapeño agave, fresh zesty lime and our signature smokey spiced salt.

Pink Gin Fizz

Our signature sparkling wine apéritif, bursting with ripe pomegranate and raspberry. A slick combination of real homemade grenadine and hibiscus infused raspberry gin, with a lick of English bubbles.

Kentucky Showdown

A cedar smokey drink with home-made tonka bean infused bourbon and a lick of bitter green walnut apéritif, garnished with orange zest and a chocolate walnut.

The Leading Lady

An eye-catching and enticing drink that combines gin and bergamot liqueur with bitter citrus & pine cordial, served with a heady bergamot vapour bubble.

Smoke & Mirrors

A multi-sensory explosion that changes colour, pairing vodka with peach wine and our homemade butterfly pea flower and lemongrass syrup, citrus and soda.

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