Pucker Up for the Most Romantic Valentine’s Cocktails Ever

A Pink Geisha cocktail in a bowl-shaped stemmed glass.

What makes Valentine’s cocktails romantic? Should they be rosy red, like a bitten lip or a blushing bride? Do they have to include chocolate? How about floral infusions and adornments?

What’s that special something that makes Valentine’s cocktails swoon-worthy in your book of love? Whatever makes your heart go boom-bang-a-bang, one thing’s for sure… Premium Valentine’s cocktails are sweeter than chocolate and more delicious than a dozen roses.

Now, we know that pretty pink champagne is a longstanding go-to for making the passion pop on Valentine’s Day. But Team Ace Bar Events are poised to make hearts melt with Cupid-approved Valentine’s cocktails for maximum romance guaranteed.

Three of the Most Crush Worthy Valentine’s Cocktails Yet

  • Pink Geisha – Go ga-ga for this sensual sour combining Roku Japanese gin, amorous cherry blossom liqueur and blushing peach wine, infused with lovely fresh lemon and topped with billowy egg white or vegan foamer.
A Pink Geisha cocktail in a bowl-shaped stemmed glass.
  • Rosa Rhu Sling – Fall at the feet of this long, tall and super-chic gin fizz. It’s lovingly loaded with fabulously fruity British rhubarb gin, aromatic rosé apéritif wine, luscious lychee and lip-smacking raspberry fermented soda to ignite the fire and passion!
  • Smoke & Mirrors – Flowers are a traditional Valentine’s staple. So why not wow the object of your desire with the best of both worlds? They’ll be delighted and enticed by this multi-sensory colour-shifting explosion of V-Day vodka, juicy peach wine and homemade butterfly pea flower, served up with lip-smacking citrus and lemongrass syrup.  

At Ace Bar Events, we’re saying it with cocktails this year. And if you’ve got the love, we’ve got –

  • the best Valentine’s cocktails
  • the most stylish mobile bar hire
  • the awe-inspiring bar and support staff

to see you through.

Get in touch to boost the bliss at your next event, whether you’re planning a small private party or a no-expense-spared corporate event. XOXO


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