Management Team Building

Project Details

  • Event: Strategic Mixology Session
  • Client: RockitFish for Russel Reynolds
  • Venue: London
  • Attendance: 70


RockitFish originally contacted us with a brief of running a mixology session for an international management training session, based in London. After some discussions with the client, they decided that they wanted the session to have a little more strategic focus to stay in line with their training week, as well as allowing the individuals to bond.


We suggested to the client that we could amend our usual mixology session to incorporate new elements which would add a competitive side amongst the teams. 

Firstly the group were provided a cocktail on arrival and were then divided into eight teams.

We started with the cocktail making demonstration nominating two people from opposing teams to make the four different cocktails that were shown. The teams were then allocated the task of creating their own cocktail, along with the promotional material to go along with it. This included choosing the glass, the garnish, creating a label for the bottle, creating a promotional artwork poster and presenting a marketing pitch. This was all judged by the company management who were running the course, who allocated points for each section and collectively chose an overall winner.