Exciting Champagne Cocktails to Make NYE Pop

Mandarin French 75 champagne cocktails

There are two amazing reasons to have champagne cocktails at the ready on 31st December! One of them is glaring obvious. It’s New Year’s Eve, which is synonymous with the sound of champagne corks popping all over the world!

The other lesser-known reason is that National Champagne Day also falls on this auspicious date. And truthfully, it’s quite apt that a celebration of this elite tipple coincides with the annual mother of all parties.

Why so? Well, Days of the Year calendar summarised how this decadent drink “… is commonly thought of as the pinnacle of drinks to be brought to an important event or celebration… it is most commonly champagne that is brought out and poured to celebrate the event”. Too darned right it is!

Yet champagne cocktails are even more fun for raising a glass when the clock strikes midnight. In addition, champagne cocktails are more palatable for people who find champagne too dry to drink straight, (though this is seen as somewhat sacrilegious for connoisseurs of fizz!).

Here’s a few of Team Ace’s favourite champagne cocktails for ramping up your revelries this NYE.

Three of the Best Celebratory Champagne Cocktails

  • Berry Fizzoni – This bittersweet beauty combines earthy Campari, piquant gin, aromatic vermouth and fruity wildberry puree, with Prosecco bringing the effervescence.  
  • Mandarin French 75 (see main image)  – Zesty gin offset with citrus infusions of majestic Grand Marnier liqueur, mandarin puree, lemon juice and vivacious prosecco.  
  • Pink Gin Fizz – A fruity little number that balances the seasonal ripe pomegranates of a homemade grenadine with hibiscus-infused raspberry gin and a saucy lick of English bubbles.

At Ace Bar Events, we’re proud to provide brilliant bespoke bars, the best staff in the business, and awe-inspiring drinks that put the fizz into your festivities. You bring the party, we’ll bring the champagne cocktails and fountains. So, get in touch to add that elusive sparkle to your extra special events.


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