3 Showstopping Theatre Cocktails Guaranteed to Bring the House Down

Smoke and Mirrors purple cocktail in a large tumbler topped with viola flowers

Theatre cocktails are so-called because of the drama they bring to the opening scenes of your corporate event, your wedding, or any other party you’re organising.

Premium bar hire and cocktail supremo Andy Collinson at Ace Bar Events explains, “Our theatre cocktails are ‘welcome’ drinks. We offer them with our Monroe and Pétrus options, (which are our platinum and gold cocktail menus).

“This means we serve theatre cocktails at the beginning of the service, to welcome guests and get them an impressive drink in hand, sort of like an icebreaker.

“As suggested by the name, these drinks have an element of theatre to them, whether it be the vapour bubble in our Leading Lady, or the blow torch flaming of our PinaPunch.

“Similarly to our Pétrus options, our theatre cocktails are also very premium and carefully crafted drinks. But the theatre element is what sets them apart. And that’s why we only serve them at the beginning of service.”

Thank you, Andy, for explaining why these majestic theatre cocktails don’t need encores. And extra thanks for sharing insider tips for three of Ace Bar Event’s most attention-grabbing theatre cocktails causing standing ovations at 2022 events –

Leading Lady cocktail in cocktail glass

  • Leading Lady  – This distinctive blend of gin and bergamot liqueur with bitter citrus & pine cordial is alluring enough. Top it off with a wow-factor bergamot vapour bubble and it’s nothing short of jaw-dropping.
PinaPunch cocktail in a rum tumbler
  • PinaPunch – Shake a palm tree and walk this way for a glorious Bajan rum and coconut rum combo. It’s served with a sweet and spicy cordial and homemade pineapple and coconut reduction, over a coconut ice block. Finished with a flamed overproof rum, it’s a summer sensation.
  • Popping Rhugroni – This extraordinary union of VII Hills Italian gin, Cocchi vermouth di Torino, Campari and rhubarb is bracingly bitter, refreshingly fruity and enthrallingly herbal. A dehydrated orange garnish and popping rhubarb foam completes the breathtaking spectacle.

At Ace Bar Events, we’re the go-to cocktail bar and premium cocktail supplier to hundreds of event professionals and private clients. Can we help add a dash of drama to your next event? Get in touch for a chat.


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