You, Too, Can Save Time, Money and Hassle with Virtual Christmas Cocktail Making

Virtual Christmas cocktail making invitation

A virtual Christmas cocktail making option is more cost-effective, less time consuming and more convenient than a traditional knees up. And it’s especially ingenious for teams that are scattered across several different locations.

No more dragging half your team around the country, and all the time, expense and botheration of travel, hotels and being incommunicado en route. (Not to mention travelling back home the day after with hangovers from hell.)

The virtual Christmas cocktail making fun of the 2020 season resulted from having to pivot the party around the pandemic.

In 2021, it’s proved its ongoing appeal and ability to the stay the course. Virtual cocktail making is here to stay, a post-pandemic alternative to the travel, the tired turkey and the tarnished tinsel.

Virtual Christmas cocktail making on Zoom

Businesses in their hundreds are opting for virtual Christmas cocktail making fun, to –

  • Remain Covid-safe.
  • Introduce a team building element to the Christmas shenanigans, improving the team’s sense of togetherness and working towards a common goal.
  • Learn a little more about a topic that most people are interested in – cocktails and mixology.
  • Recognise and reward. Everybody loves a good quiz. Virtual Christmas cocktail making has adapted to gamification brilliantly, getting those competitive juices flowing.

hemed bartender demonstrating virtual Christmas cocktail making

How Does Virtual Christmas Cocktail Making Work?

Virtual Christmas cocktail making is delivered on Teams, Zoom or whatever video-calling platform your business uses.

It’s easy and faff-free to arrange, too. Simply book your date and time, send us your guest list, and cocktail masterclass kits for nine seasonal snifters will be shipped to the doors of every team member.

At Ace Bar Events, our virtual Christmas cocktail making packages salvaged Christmas for hundreds of companies in 2020.

In 2021, they’ve become a seasonal staple for businesses that want to throw a brilliant bash for their teams, without all the hassles and headaches of Christmases past.


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