Say “Yes, Cheese” to Virtual Christmas Parties with a Tasty Twist

Guest box for cheese and wine virtual Christmas parties

Virtual Christmas parties saved the winter bacon of many organisers during the locked-down festive season in 2020.

In supply to demand, a merry mix of virtual activities to jingle your bells became available. Of all of them, virtual cocktail making was the one that came out top of many party planners’ Christmas lists.

Fast forward twelve months and things haven’t changed too dramatically, even though lockdown measures were lifted some time ago.

Cocktail making doesn’t lose its sparkle. Merry and bright mixology-themed virtual Christmas parties will be getting teams far and wide in the Christmas spirit again this year.

But what about the companies that did virtual cocktail making last year?  Are there any other options for virtual Christmas parties, anything along the same lines as cocktail making, but different?

The answer is “yes”. In fact, the answer is “yes, cheese” to the cheese and wine masterclasses flying off the shelves for Christmas 2021.

Open guest box for cheese and wine virtual Christmas parties.

How To Host Cheese and Wine Virtual Christmas Parties

Cheese and wine virtual Christmas parties are indulgent virtual tasting experiences. They’re a digital work’s do and a Secret Santa present rolled in to one, giving you the opportunity to get your team members across multiple different locations together.

With an artisan-procured gift-boxed selection of festive treats delivered to every team member, you’re ready to get the party started.

The best cheese and wine virtual Christmas parties include a live expert host-with-the-most to guide you through the wines, help you discover their flavour profiles and learn the principles of pairing them with the cheeses.

Wine guest box for cheese and wine virtual Christmas parties.

As you’d expect of Ace Bar Events, we don’t do anything by halves. We’ll join you virtually at all the virtual Christmas parties we provide, live from our Winterland Wonderland studio in Bedfordshire via Zoom or Google Meets.

We’re excited to be delivering cheese and wine virtual Christmas parties to existing and new clients this year, bringing teams who are apart together for a tasty seasonal shindig they’ll love.


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