What are the Different Types of Bartenders for Events?

A young male bartender in a black shirt behind a bar, pouring a row of drinks from a cocktail shakers in to martini glasses.

Getting the right bartenders for events is key when you’re planning a party to impress. After all, bartenders are the engine room of any gathering, from discreet and understated service to the wizards who elevate soirees into spectacles.

So, let’s give them a nod on National Bartender Day on 1st December. And while we’re at it, let’s run through different types of bartenders for events you should expect from a market-leading provider:

Choreographed Show Bartenders for Events

These maestros of ten-minute crowd-wowing stage routines are THE BOMB for aspiring to events that are more than just get-togethers. You see, they aren’t just pouring drinks. They’re putting on a juggling and flame-throwing show, co-ordinated to music, with a sprinkling of digital lighting effects. All in all, they’re showstoppers. And they’re your go-to choice for an entrancing audience experience.

Flair Bartenders for Events  

Flair bartenders turn cocktail creation into an art form, using bottles and shakers to add a touch of theatre to every pour. And the best part? It’s like a bonus show during your event, without any extra hassle. Your guests will be raving about the ad hoc entertainment and expertly crafted cocktails, all rolled in to one fun package.

Mixologists for Events

Mixologists are your (wo)men if you appreciate subtler service of perfectly crafted liquid masterpieces. But that doesn’t mean they have to blend into the background. How come? Because they’re raconteurs, sharing insights about ingredients and the tales behind the sips. Your guests are treated to stunning drinks, while gaining a newfound appreciation for the artistry and history behind them.

At Ace Bar Events, we don’t believe in settling for ordinary bartenders for events when you can have extraordinary. So, get in touch about our exceptional event packages, including hand-picked bartenders for optimum personality, precision, speed and technique.


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