Pétrus for 60th Birthday

Project Details

  • Event: 60th Birthday Party
  • Client: Mirage
  • Venue: Private Residence
  • Attendance: 75

For this event our objective was to provide a Pétrus option inclusive bar service for a high-end evening birthday party. We constructed a 3 metre Gold Mirror island bar inside the star-lit marquee. As it was a Pétrus option, we embellished the bar with matching decor. Black gloss vases and dark flowers, warm-toned lighting in decorative, black lamps. These complemented the gold tones of the bar as well as the drinks menus. The client provided a large chandelier lighting feature above the bar which tied in the purple and gold colour scheme of the event.

For the Pétrus service, we created a bespoke Theatre Cocktail to welcome the guests to. This was the Raspberry & Rose Daiquiri, for which we used a cloud pour device. With this we created a floral rose vapour to sit on top of the drink. The rest of the service consisted of unlimited cocktails, beer, wine, spirits and mixers. We also made bespoke shooters called ‘Mandarummies’, made with rum, mandarin puree, orange bitters and pistachio cream.

Our Pétrus inclusive options are the way to go if you’re after a bit of added luxury and personalised touches. With our ability to create bespoke cocktails, you can be sure your drinks service will match you and your event perfectly.