Glamour Live

Project Details

  • Event: Glamour Live Bartending Competition
  • Client: Skyy Vodka / Campari International
  • Venue: The Supper Club, Notting Hill, London
  • Attendance 150


Following a successful four years of running the WFA Global Flair Challenge, Skyy Vodka contacted us with a brief to run a bartender competition, only this time they wanted it in a completely different style with added entertainment.


We created a concept that was more interactive for bartenders and customers, allowing them to immerse themselves into a fun and competitive event. 

Customers were provided with Skyy Vodka ‘dollar’ bills, who would judge each bartender’s service and tip them as they deemed worthy. We incorporated sixteen professional bartenders; a combination of flair bartenders and mixologists, who rotated shifts every thirty minutes. 

The winner of the competition was the bartender who had the most tips at the end of the night. 

We designed the cocktail menu for the event, however bartenders were also given the freedom to create other drinks. As well as this, we provided a 7×5 meter island bar with bespoke, branded fascias.

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