How Mixologist Hire Can Boost Your Valentine’s Events

mixologist hire

Love is in the air. And so is mixologist hire. Why? Because this season, the trend for hiring mixologists for V-Day events is turning regular gatherings into luscious love-fests.

The thing is, mixologist hire goes beyond everyday bartending. Professional mixologists don’t just serve drinks. On the contrary, they create experiences. Moreover, they set your event apart with tantalising cocktails. And if you really want to go all-in, they love nothing more than to craft tailored creations to your theme or branding.

So, what passionate love potions are setting alight the hearts of your fellow event organisers this year? Let’s take a closer look at a few of the swoon-worthy cocktails sealed with a kiss by the mixology legends at Ace Bar Events.

3 Amorous Cocktails on the Mixologist Hire It-List

Mixologist hire becomes the cherry on top when you’re organising an event to set hearts a-flutter. And here are three ravishing examples of the way they wow:

1. Cupid’s Kiss

A bewitching concoction of gin, strawberry puree, rose water, lime juice, and sugar syrup, caressed with a splash of sparkling wine. Floral. Flirtatious. And perfect for fanning the flames of desire.

mixologist hire

2. Pink Geisha

Crafted with Roku Japanese Gin, cherry blossom liqueur and peach wine with fresh lemon, and a kiss of egg white or vegan foamer. Packed with pure love.

mixologist hire

3. Strawberry Hardshake

A blend of strawberry-infused amaretto, Irish whiskey, ginger liqueur, vanilla, and hazelnut cream. It’s crowned with whipped cream, strawberry powder, a toasted marshmallow and billowy dry ice. A sweet solution.

mixologist hire

Hugs, kisses, and Ace Bar wishes! Mixologist hire is sweeter than chocolate with the best cocktail conjurers in the business. Our dedicated team understands every shake and stir runs through the heart of your event. So, get in touch and let our master mixologists weave their magic and bring the love.


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