Bespoke Cocktails, Molecular Mixology, and a 4D Experience!

27th November 2015    

bespoke cocktails

Deep within the City of Dreaming Spires a cocktail experience like no other was unfolding for a well known pharmaceutical company. This cocktail experience was arranged for 90 corporate guests, the interior decorated in the company colours – gold, brilliant blue, and teal – with a fine range of evening entertainment. The event was specifically imagined and themed around the Pharmaceutical company, with cocktails with an interesting syringe garnish (pictured above), to dry ice, and gold lustre!

bespoke cocktails

Both of the cocktails served on the night were entirely bespoke, and drew from our molecular mixology skill set. When it comes to bespoke cocktails there is almost anything we can incorporate to make the drink more interesting or suited directly to you or your company. In this case the first bespoke cocktail was a twist on a margarita and our client was keen to incorporate there company branding, specifically the colours, into this cocktail. Naturally the cocktail is the wrong colour for what we were trying to achieve (Teal & Gold being the main two colours).  However, by adding a layer of gold lustre on the top of the cocktail, and a syringe of blue curacao – as the margarita is naturally a lime green colour, when the syringe of blue curacao is added the cocktail turns a brilliant Teal! Perfect!

The second bespoke cocktail was a 4D caipirinha, the idea behind this cocktail was to create a fully immersive experience for the drinker. The main ingredient in a caipirinha is lime, as a result dotted around the event room were containers full of dry ice and fresh limes – when hot water is added to these they create a wonderful aroma of tropical limes, which when enjoyed alongside the 4D caipirinha creates a wonderful drinking experience.

bespoke cocktails


If you would like us to design your very own bespoke cocktails for your next event, or perhaps you are interested in some of our other creative services – then please do not hesitate to get in touch!