A cocktail reception for Lenny Henry & Comic Relief

21st November 2018    

We recently had the pleasure of supporting the Honorary Life President of Comic Relief, Lenny Henry, with a cocktail reception for his 60th birthday. Working with our friends at the Steelyard in London, we put together a cocktail party for Lenny and around 350 guests.…

cocktail reception

Our LED bar hire in action at Horsley Towers

16th November 2018    

The HD Range of mobile bars at Ace Bar Events refers to our fully customisable bars. Any image, brand or design can be overlaid on the front of these mobile bars, you can also choose to backlight the image or design with a plethora of LEDs creating a very cool and eye-catching LED bars for rent.…

LED mobile bar hire

A seminar on how and when to use flair bartending during service in Mumbai, India

8th November 2018    

As we have spoken about before, we are very lucky here at Ace Bar Events to have one of the founders of the World Flair Association as our Director, this allows us access to an unrivalled knowledge on bartending and flair bartending in particular as well as some of the world’s best flair bartenders for events.…

Event settings & freestanding graphic panels for events

24th October 2018    

Event settings and theming can be a costly business, depending on how deep into the theme you are willing to go and the type of setting or theme you want to explore. Our main areas of expertise fall in the areas of mobile bar hire, bartender hire and cocktail creation and masterclasses; however we have recently seen more and more use of our HD freestanding graphic panels for theming and event settings – not just because they represent great value for money.…

event settings

One of our classic Cocktail Receptions for the BVCA at the Landmark Hotel, London

19th October 2018    

We recently had the pleasure of supporting the BVCA (The British Private Equity and Venture Capitalist Association) Summit at the Landmark Hotel in London with one of our signature cocktail receptions. The BVCA chose to employ a bespoke branded bar for the cocktail reception, featuring their logo as well as the branding of the sponsor for the cocktail reception, Investec.…

cocktail receptions

An Enchanted forest mobile bar at Centre Parcs, Woburn

10th October 2018    

Working closely with another event company we were presented with an enchanted forest scenario, as part of this brief we were required to create an enchanted forest bar or enchanted forest themed bar. We often work with other event companies and enjoy providing our expertise in mobile bar hire, bartenders, cocktails and more.…

enchanted forest bar

A casino themed mobile bar & bar branding for a corporate client

5th October 2018    

Our in house design team was called on again recently to provide bar branding for a casino themed mobile bar for a corporate event. Working with another event company we were asked to provide a casino mobile bar featuring the branding of their client.…

casino themed mobile bar

A special branded mobile bar for events for JDA

30th September 2018    

Branded bars for events or a branded mobile bar for events are an excellent way to help your business stand out from the crowd, particularly at exhibitions and trade shows. A lot of different brands and businesses have been turning to branded bars for events as they typically offer a more cost effective option than having a temporary stand constructed; which will quite often only be used once.…

branded mobile bar for event

Cocktail bartender hire & more for two private events

19th September 2018    

Here at Ace Bar Events our core focus is our mobile bars for hire and our cocktail bartender hire. Our mission is to provide the bar that you have always dreamed of, as well as offering you a choice of mixologist, flair bartender or both?…

cocktail bartender hire

A Rainforest themed mobile bar for a private event in Farnham, Surrey

11th September 2018    

One thing we love about working in the events industry is that you get to bring cool and conceptual ideas to life; a simple idea, the client wanted to create an inside/outside feel with the structure and bar in their back garden.…

Rainforest mobile bar